The SX010 UCN Interface provides a communication link for foreign devices, e.g. PLC, to a Honeywell® UCN control network. In particular, it emulates a UCN node such as a Honeywell® Logic Manager/Controller (LM), containing equivalent LM point structures. These points are mapped to a Rockwell controller (eg. Logix5563™) using FactoryTalk® Live Data, the interface includes the following elements:

  • Rack mountable interface
  • On-board Windows PC (as host for interface application and RSLOGIX/FactoryTalk®)
  • Analog interface box (MAU)

The SX010 communicates to the on-board Windows application via Ethernet and includes a FactoryTalk® Live Data Client that services the data exchange with the controller.  The interface eliminates the dependency on legacy Honeywell® devices (LM) while providing equivalent functionality at the control level.

Key Benefits include:

  • Replacement for obsolete Honeywell® Logic Manager/Controller
  • No changes to point configuration or operator displays on the Honeywell® system
  • Industry standard communications (Ethernet)
  • Integrated FactoryTalk® Live Data Client
  • Ongoing support for system updates