About Us

Proconex Consultants Inc. was formed in 1985 as a small company supporting projects in the automated process control technology area. These primarily included modern control equipment and advanced (mathematically-based) procedures using a selection of different vendor products and linking them together in an “interoperable” environment.

Initially, Proconex worked on applications of control procedures in a number of different pulp/paper mills. Development work was under taken to interconnect different Distributed Control System (DCS) products, each time with a specific end use in mind. Proconex set out to link the Graphic Display Units of DCS vendors to mathematical simulations. This link to the DCS was chosen to be usable over the long term.

Proconex also developed a Product Tracking System for order entry, production planning, labelling and shipping paper/pulp products. Due to Proconex’s interfacing capability, this system was joined directly to production equipment in most cases.

The Operator Training Systems attracted customers in the Petroleum and other sectors, as many of the large plants did have systematic training programs and intended to maintain them for the long term.  Proconex elected to deal with a large variety of control products and thus developed a series of unique, custom-built communication devices to work with existing DCS systems.

Today, Proconex 2010 Inc. continues the development of both foreign device interfaces and control simulation products to support modern industrial control applications.