LCNSim Honeywell TDC Emulation

LCNSIM connects Honeywell® Operator consoles on a TDC3000 LCN to a Windows-based computer. It acts as a node on a standard Honeywell® LCN network and emulates the temporary data storage of a combination (up to 24) of the following LCN devices: NIM, HG, or AM.  The parameters associated with data points on these emulated devices can be read and written to by the host application or by a GUS/Universal Station.  This temporary data storage is the LCNSIM interface tag database. Engineering status display and configuration functions are emulated as required.

In addition to the transfer of data to and from the LCN and to and from the process simulator, the LCNSIM includes additional point processing to generate alarm messages, perform limit checks on data input, verify that mode changes are permissible, and generate appropriate error responses if a change requested by an operator on a GUS/Universal Station is not permitted.

Tags are created in the LCNSIM tag database by loading points from a Honeywell® Engineering console, or by processing EB files directly, i.e. off-line.  Once processed, the configuration is saved locally as the tag database.

In addition to the features of LCNSIM, LCNSimPlus provides simulation of the associated point control algorithms for NIM, HG, and AM points. 

Communication with the process simulator is via a supplied API for LCNSIM, and through OPC for LCNSimPlus, which provides access to all point parameters as an OPC Data Access server.

Support is provided for the following simulation controls:

  • Freeze/Run
  • Initial Conditions (snapshot) store/restore, backtrack
  • Speed-up

Additional functions include:

  • Parameter value export/import
  • Parameter edit and monitoring
  • Basic PID-type block graphical interface