The SX005 is a printed circuit card with supporting software that allows a Windows computer to act as a preferred access device on a Honeywell® TDC 2000 Data Hiway. The card supports read and write commands. There are two BNC connectors for the Data Hiway channels and a PS/2 mouse type connector for grant and request attachment to a traffic director. The card has an onboard micro controller and supports high speed interrupt driven communication to and from the Windows NT driver. It is compatible with Honeywell® standards for the Data Hiway. Considerable attention has been given to security of the data and security of the Hiway should the card fail or partially fail. The card is supplied with a kernel mode Windows driver.

Proconex has developed a high-level driver for the SX005 interface to handle all the conversion calculations between standard engineering units and the Data Hiway format. The application references data to be read or written with a tag identification and parameter code. Tags include application tags and system tags. Application tags are the standard Honeywell® point types used to view or control the process. System tags are used by the application program to determine the status of the control boxes on the Data Hiway and get performance statistics from the High Level Driver. The application program sends read and write requests to the high-level driver in tables with 1 to 100 entries (different tag and parameter references). The high-level driver can buffer requests, returning a response as soon as it is available.

An OPC DA server interface to the SX005 high-level driver is also available.